Foxy and Cinders Introduction.

My name is Siusaidh Ceanadach, which sounds like ‘shoe-see Kennedy’ and I live in Glasgow in Scotland.

I was born right down in the south of England in a city called Brighton and grew up, went to school and college there.

I must tell you a few points before you read these stories, tea as many of you know is a drink made with dried leaves that you put boiling water on, leave it to seep and then drink it sometimes with milk and sugar but some teas are drunk black or green even. But where I live and in many of the rural areas of the United Kingdom, tea is also a meal that you have around five or six in the late afternoon.

It’s an odd country that has different names for different meals, lunch is at mid-day and where I grew up ‘dinner’ was in the evening about seven. But again, in the countryside and in Scotland, ‘dinner’ is often a meal in the middle of the day, they never have lunch, simply breakfast, dinner and tea. Although most families will have a light supper, perhaps a milky drink and a biscuit or a cookie as they call them in the States.

I’d like to also explain that here in the UK we have a lot of urban wild life, and foxes have been living in old buildings, in dens in cemeteries or graveyards and under farm buildings. As they are wild creatures we should not feed them I know, but in my stories you will find that Foxy was fed one very cold snowy winter, but it’s only a story! Although I have to admit to you that I had an Aunt that always fed ‘foxy’ as she called him for years and years, he would come every evening around seven and she would leave food out for him and wash the dish and put fresh food every day. This Aunt would also feed other wild life and simply loved watching them visit, so there are some very healthy wild life in some parts of Sussex in England, UK.

I started to write these stories for the Wireless for the Blind when I discovered that there was very little for blind children on the Sonata Wireless service. So these are all recorded and have been available for blind and sight impaired children and parents for a while now.

These stories are fantasy, they are simply little stories, there is no spiritual or religious aspect to any of these so they are suitable for anyone. There is no proof that Dragon’s lived on this Earth, although there are many stories about them. And as for fairies, many people will not believe in them, and yet some will be certain that they have seen them, heard them and felt their presence.  But one thing is sure, children do love stories about them.