Foxy and Cinders.

A few lines of the very first story.

Foxy was born in a lovely warm den in the woods, he had brothers and sisters and such a lot of games they played when they were pups, he was  a cunning wee chap. Foxy’s coat was a beautiful red colour, as were all his brothers and sisters and their mother hunted well for them, every night she would go out and bring back something, a rabbit, some times even a chicken and once she brought a goose. So there was plenty to eat.

The whole family grew well, but little Foxy was always a little bit smaller than his brothers and sisters, he was chubby and fluffy and looked like a rust ball of fluff when he was asleep.

As they all grew his brothers and sisters would call him names, they said he was ‘chubby’ and ‘short’ and not at all manly. But Foxy was a wise little cub and he simply let them carry on and never called them names back.

He would go off for long walks and come back having seen all kinds of things, while his brothers and sister would simply sleep or roll around the floor having play fights.

One day Foxy decided to take a walk up the mountain path, either side of him were the most beautiful purple thistles, such a lovely colour and Foxy got closer to take a better look. He never realised that thistles were prickly and he caught his fur in the thistles. He struggled and struggled trying to free himself from the spiky thorns and as he did this he scratched his face and his paws. He tried and tried to free himself from the prickly thistles but still could not get free when suddenly he heard a great flapping sound and looked uo and above him flew a big dragon and a small dragon. The bikg dragon was teaching the smaller, younger dragon how to fly.

Foxy called out and the little dragon turned her head and seeing him, swooed down towards him.




This young dragon was the colour of a red brick, a cross between brown and red, she had scales all over her body and on the top of her head and down to her shoulders she had a hard ridge which looked like a line of triangles resting on her skin. She had a tail as long as her body which she could swish from side to side and she had two legs much shorter at the front and two thicker and longer at the back, she used her front limbs rather like we use are arms. Her feet had long curly claws which gave her a good grip on the ground. She had beautiful large eyes with long eyelashes and her face was long.